Welcome to ENGL 8354: Jane Austen and her Reading

Hi everyone, this is the course blog we’ll be using all term as our discussion forum. I’ll be sending invitations to your Cougar net address, so please hit the links to create a WordPress username and password to join (not just follow) the blog. Email me (or post if you can) if you have any questions about the logistics of WordPress, Teams, etc.

Now for some announcements:

First: for our “soft opening,” we’ll do the first two classes of term via Teams, and then reassess to see how people feel about f2f (masked) and virtual (unmasked) seminar modes. You should have received your Teams invite by now.

Second: we’ll begin by reading Haywood’s Fantomina, which is extremely brief. I’ve linked to a free digital copy here: https://digital.library.upenn.edu/women/haywood/fantomina/fantomina.html

Third: The syllabus contains another link to an open access text by Suzanne Akbari, How We Read, which offers essays on different modes and experiences of reading. https://punctumbooks.com/titles/how-we-read-tales-fury-nothing-sound/ Please download the book and look over Akbari’s Introduction along with Fantomina for the first class.

And here’s the syllabus:

We’ll discuss all of this on Teams tomorrow evening.

See you soon,