Final Self-Assessment Essay Guidelines, DUE 5/13/22

Please read over your blog responses, annotated bibs and reflections, and any in-class writing you’ve done on Teams or elsewhere. Please also review your reading journal from beginning to end, to see which texts or discussions attracted your interest or inspired further thought.

Take a few moments to reflect on what you’ve done and what you’ve learned in this class.

Select a few passages from the semester’s work listed above to focus upon your greatest insights, or most challenging problems, or most frequently recurring themes this term. (in the case of reading journal passages, you may quote or attach the relevant passages as you wish) Why do you think these were important? Alternatively, you may pose and answer your own questions about the course readings or your learning this term.

About 1-2 pp., emailed to me by the evening of the 13th.

Thanks for a great term, and good luck,